Dear ladies and gentlemen!

It’s our pleasure to offer you a new Ukrainian international magazine “KING&QUEEN”, which is dedicated to the world luxury industry. This is a full-coloured information magazine with the volume of at least 128 pages. Its total circulation is 100 000 copies a year. It comes out once a quarter.

The magazine consists of the following sections:
  1. Prime Time- describing significant events of the world culture and high society life.
  2. Out of Time - publishing articles about things, brands, stories of success, clans, royal families which and who have been tested by time and are examples to follow for the beginners and objects of respect for those who have achieved success.
  3. Fashion and Style - putting forward new ideas, styles and trends of male and female fashion.
  4. Lifestyle - offering travelling stories and bright visual stuff about tendencies in architecture, design and exclusive kinds of sports.

The magazine objectively and trustworthily tells the readers about expensive goods and services in its reviews and analytical articles which are based on the research of the Ukrainian and world markets. The sections of the magazine are aimed at depicting all aspects of the world of luxury and lifestyle of successful modern people : such as yachts, collection makes of cars, elite property in Kiev, in Ukraine and abroad; the ways of effective investment and capital augmentation, possibilities of private aviation , jewellery, haute couture trends, cuisines of the countries of the world, first class wines, exclusive tourist routes, etc.

Unlike narrow specialization magazines the structure of this one makes it possible to ensure the biggest number of readers with very high income who have various interests and hobbies and who are fond of clubbing. Apart from that a cleverly built and dynamically developing network of distribution guarantees that the magazine is destined to reach directly the hands of its interested readers.

Sinserely Yours
Head of Advertising Department
Phone: +38067 5015658, fax: +38044 2855286
Arhimedia Publishing, off. 130, Bereznyakovska Str., 38, Kiev 02098, Ukraine.
Mailing address: P.O.Box 128, Kiev 02098, Ukraine.

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